UPDATE AT 10:00pm AEST 22nd February:
Databases are currently offline for maintenance. We do not anticipate that this will be for long.

UPDATE AT 8:30pm AEST 20th February:
As a result of the recent drive failure, there are several databases which have been corrupted.
Affected websites have a backup from late October installed, which means that your website may show out-of-date information. All websites should be working - please contact us at contact@codeflex.com.au if yours is not.

We apologise for this situation, there have been technicians working around the clock to rectify this issue.
If you have any concerns or if there is anything you need us to do to help maintain the integrity of your website, please contact us at contact@codeflex.com.au

UPDATE AT 9.00am AEST 24th February:
Some websites appear to have problems with the database connection. We are running checks to identify these websites - if your site is experiencing difficulties please contact us at contact@codeflex.com.au